First Step has been a life changing start for my two girls. It is undoubtedly a safe and trusted space and I still hear my kindergartener reminiscing about all the fun she had at First Step. As a busy mom, I can drop off my children knowing they are safe, loved and learning. And knowing this is one less worry I need to carry with me during my day. First Step is a magical safe space for my girls to learn and grow. Thank you First Step Teachers for your continued dedication to enriching all First Step student’s lives!

Meneah Potter, First Step Parent (2023)

We love having our son at First Step. It is an enriching and loving environment. We feel strongly that he is always supported emotionally and encouraged to grow academically.

Halie Goodspeed, First Step Parent (2023)

We love First Step like family and are so grateful for their dedication to our children’s individual growth and learning. 

Lauren Withers, First Step Parent (2023)

 We have been with First Step for three years, and throughout our entire experience the teachers and Jacky have been truly exceptional caregivers to my daughter. At every turn they made her feel comfortable, loved and cared for, in addition to making being at First Step fun. The communication is clear, open and consistent, and everything runs smoothly. Jacky also does much to facilitate parents coming together and to create a warm and sociable school community. This is a top notch child care facility and I can’t recommend it highly enough. 

Molly Meyer, First Step Parent

 We are grateful every day for the First Step community – our daughter has thrived in your care, and so have we!!

Meghan Metzger, First Step Parent

Our kids love going to school at First Step. The caregivers are delightful, knowledgeable, and support the growth of our children as individuals. Thank you!

Steve Withers, First Step Parent

 First Step has been transformative for our family. We love and trust all of the caregivers and feel endlessly grateful for all they do for our kids. Thank you!!! 

 Infant Room Parent

 Thank you all so much for being so loving to our children over the years. We can’t thank you enough for the tremendous care, love, and pure joy you’ve given to our family. We love you! <3

Amy, Preston, Evie, & Tucker, First Step Family

 We feel so lucky to be a part of this learning community! Thanks so much for your love, energy, and patience!! 

Jess Uraneck, First Step Parent

 From the first day I walked in, to my younger brother’s last day, you have been so kind and encouraging to us to help us grow.  You really are the First Step 

Emma, First Step Alumni

In First Step, we found a community of caring, progressive, competent, and joyful teachers, kids, and families. From day one our daughter has never wanted to miss a day of school and she has grown in so many ways due to her time there. The play-based approach encourages full, active days and new experiences abound. We feel fortunate to be a part of the First Step Community and thankful to our friends that first opened the door there for us!

Emily & Gregg Carville, First Step Parents

 The First Step Staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive! A relationship is developed not only between staff and your child, but also between the staff and the parents.  They truly go above and beyond!

 Katie Coppens, First Step Parent

 We are so grateful for the staff at First Step and the incredible care they provide our children. First Step creates a loving, safe, fun, creative, and educational environment that is hard to find!  Our children have made wonderful friends here (as have we as parents) and we are thankful to have First Step in our lives. First Step has been such a wonderful fit our family – the staff is so loving, caring, patient, & kind.  We love first step =) <3

 The Hamiltons, First Step Family

 We have been a First Step Family for almost 2 years and plan to be with the program for another 3! As a new family to Freeport we feel so unbelievably lucky to have found First Step and the amazing teachers and families in this special community. Jacky is a thoughtful and caring leader who takes time to meet and understand each family and their individual needs and routines. Both of our children have thrived in this program socially, academically and personally. The teachers are all unique and creative – and more importantly loving and caring. This school has made our transition to a new town as easy as one could imagine; we’re so happy to be a part of the First Step Learning Center family.

 Nina Weyl,  First Step Parent

 First Step is better than family! We love and trust you all so much. We can’t thank you all for your constant steady love, care, teaching, patience, support, energy, happiness and knowledge of childhood development.

We couldn’t be happier! We’re SO lucky. 

Amanda & Ben,  First Step Parents

 First Step has provided a warm and caring environment for both of my boys over the past 4 years. The classes are small and the teachers treat all of the students with respect, challenge their curiosity, and nurture their self confidence and sense of belonging. I am always recommending First Step to families in Freeport and beyond! 

Meghan Palmer,  First Step Parent

 We have had 2 children at First Step. One is in 1st grade now and the other is currently in the front room. We have been so impressed and pleased with our experience. We feel that our 1st grader has been prepared exceptionally well for school. We also see every day how much our 3 year old grow and learns at First Step. Most of all the staff at First Step all show wonderful enthusiasm and passion for their jobs and for the kids. It is a fantastic place. We are so lucky to have our kids here!! 

Martha Shwenk,  First Step Parent