How to help your child’s transition

The following are ways to orient your child to our center and to lessen stress and anxiety about separating from you:


We recommend that you visit the center several times before leaving your child in our care.  Visiting the program with a parent initially helps your child gain trust in an unfamiliar environment.  When your child is comfortable enough, you may choose to leave them for a short period without you being present to see how they acclimate.  This way, if they are sad, you will be able to pick them up sooner.

Hearing positive, friendly conversation between teachers and parents or observing teachers interact with other children can be reassuring to your child that they are in a safe environment.  This experience can also help to establish trust in an unfamiliar setting.

Provide a favorite cuddly toy or blanket can be a comfort to support your child when they are separating from you or settling down for rest period.

Talking to your child at home about the fun experiences, they will have at school, their teachers and the friends they will be meeting and playing with, and why they are there will help to make sure your child is familiar with the idea of separating.  Keeping a focus on the positive things that happen at school is a great step in getting a child acclimated into their program.

Provide us with as much information as possible about your child. Giving us an overview of their likes and dislikes, fears, the things that comfort them to sleep and rest, etc.  This helps teachers to get to know your child and may help provide us with ways to ease their transition.

Leaving your child for the first time may be sad and difficult, especially if your child is upset.  Staying calm, happy, and positive will reassure your child that you are comfortable with our center and that they are safe in our care. Always make sure that you say good bye to your child and not to sneak off if they aren’t aware. Keep in mind that hesitating to leave after you’ve said good bye only confuses them.  Reassure your child that everything is alright and you will see them soon at pick up time.

Some children are sad initially and gradually feel more comfortable. other children may seem to do fine the first day, but the second day they may realize that you are leaving them and get upset at that point.  No two children react exactly the same, but rest assured most children become comfortable within a few weeks if not sooner.